Kids Gardening Set: Cultivate a Green Thumb and a Love for Learning

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Product Description

Children’s vegetables & flowers Garden Kit; Garden Kit

seeds kit for kids

Kids Gardening Set

Children will have everything they need to start their own garden!

The garden kit will include:

  • One packet each of sunflower, pea, clover, and borage seeds: non-GMO seeds.
  • 5 soil pellets to sow your easy planet.
  • 5 labels planet.
  • 2 gloves.
  • 2 instructions cards.
  • 5 small pots
  • PRODUCT SAFETY Contains small seeds; not suitable for children under 3 years.
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Gardening with a Child can be Fun

Kids Gardening Set: Embark on a delightful journey of discovery and learning with our Kids Gardening Set, specially designed to ignite your child’s curiosity and cultivate a lifelong love for nature. This comprehensive kit provides everything you need to transform your home into a thriving garden where your child can witness the magic of seeds sprouting, flowers blooming, and vegetables flourishing.

A Complete Kit for Budding Gardeners

  • 5 packets of organic, non-GMO seeds: Wildflower, Borage, Pea (salad), Sunflower, and Clover mix
  • 5 plant tags to identify your growing seedlings
  • 5 compost discs to enrich the soil and promote healthy plant growth
  • 5 biodegradable plant pots for eco-friendly gardening
  • A pair of gloves to protect your child’s hands while gardening
  • A handy grow table for convenient planting and observation
  • An informative sheet filled with fun gardening facts and activities for kids

Nurture a Love for Nature and Sustainability

As your child plants, waters, and cares for their garden, they’ll develop a deeper understanding of the natural world and the importance of sustainability. They’ll learn about the delicate balance of ecosystems, the vital role of pollinators like bees, and the satisfaction of growing their own food.

The Perfect Gift for Budding Botanists

Our Kids Gardening Set is the ideal gift for any child with a green thumb or a curious mind. Whether it’s for a birthday, holiday, or simply to encourage a love for nature, this kit will spark their imagination and provide hours of hands-on learning and fun.

Order Your Kids Gardening Set Today!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to introduce your child to the wonders of gardening and cultivate a passion for sustainability. Order your Kids Gardening Set today and let the seeds of learning and growth take root!

Safety Warning:

Please note that some seeds are very small and may pose a choking hazard to children under the age of four. Adult supervision is recommended during planting activities.

Proudly Made in the United Kingdom

Our Kids Gardening Set is proudly designed and assembled in the United Kingdom, ensuring the highest quality standards and supporting local businesses. Order Your Kids Gardening Set Now

2 reviews for Kids Gardening Set: Cultivate a Green Thumb and a Love for Learning

  1. children Gardening Kits

    I just wanted to let you know how much my kids and I have been enjoying the Kids Gardening Set with Seed Kits and Save the Bees Activity Pack that we purchased from your company. The set has been a perfect way to introduce my children to the joys of gardening while also teaching them about the importance of pollinators and how to support them.

    The quality of the products is outstanding, and we appreciate the attention to detail that went into creating the seed kits and activity pack. My kids have had a blast planting and watching the seeds grow, and we are excited to see the results of our efforts.

    Overall, we are thrilled with our purchase and are grateful to have found such a wonderful product that brings our family together in a meaningful way. Thank you for providing us with a great product and a memorable experience.

  2. Kids Gardening Set

    This Kids Gardening Set is a winner! My child loves getting dirty planting seeds and watching them grow. It’s a great way to learn about nature and responsibility.

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