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DamavandPro: Quality Wildflower Seeds

Welcome to our flower shop, where beauty blooms in every corner. We believe that flowers have the power to bring joy and happiness to our lives, and that's why we offer a wide selection of flower seeds, carefully curated to suit your every need. From popular flowers, to colorful and fragrant blooms, our seeds are guaranteed to bring life and vibrancy to your garden. Whether you're a seasoned gardener, or just starting out, our knowledgeable team is here to guide you through every step of the way, from planting to care and beyond. So, come and explore our world of flowers and bring beauty to your doorstep today!

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Flower Seeds

Bring vibrant colors and delightful scents to your garden with our diverse selection of Flower Seeds, suitable for beginners and experienced gardeners alike.

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pollinator-friendly garden

Wildflower Meadow Seeds Mix

Create a stunning, low-maintenance Wildflower Meadow with our carefully selected Seed Mix, perfect for various soil types and climates.

Clover Seeds

Improve your lawn’s health and appearance with our high-quality Clover Seeds, rich in nitrogen and resistant to drought, pests and diseases.

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Make your Garden beautiful with Wildflower Seed

Welcome to Quality Wildflower Seeds!

Quality Products & Service: British Wildflower Seeds

We are a company dedicated to providing the highest-quality, sustainably grown wildflowers for all of your gardening needs. Our flowers are not only beautiful, but they also provide vital habitat for pollinators like bees, butterflies, and hummingbirds.

If you’re looking to add a splash of color and diversity to your garden, look no further. We have a wide variety of wildflower mixes to choose from, tailored to different regions and climates. We also offer single-species packs for those who have a specific flower in mind.

Take action now and bring some life to your garden with Wildflower. Order now and start enjoying the beauty of nature in your own backyard.

Wild Flower Seeds - Bee
Wildflower Seeds - Add Color and Life to Your Garden
Premium Quality Seeds for Your Garden
Planting Wildflower Seeds - Add Color and Life to Your Garden
Wildflower Seeds - Bring Life and Beauty Indoors - Wildflower Seeds - Attract Wildlife to Your Garden with Our Seeds

Wildflower Seeds

Corncockle Seeds
Flower Seeds - Create a Stunning Flower Meadow
Easy-to-Grow Flower Seeds - Create a Beautiful Meadow in Your Garden
Planting Flower Seeds - Create Your Own Stunning Meadow
Flower Seeds - Grow a Stunning Flower Bed with Our Seeds
Sowing Flower Seeds - Create a Beautiful Meadow in Your Yard

Flower Seeds

Create a Stunning Flower Meadow with Our Easy-to-Grow Seeds

Bulk Flower - Discover the Magic of Wildflowers
Bulk Flower Seeds - High-Germinating Seeds for Your Garden
Bulk Flower - Bring Color and Beauty to Your Garden
Bulk Flower - Experience the Joy of Wildflower Bouquets
Bulk Flower - Create a Lush and Diverse Garden with Our Seeds

Bulk Flower

Discover the Magic of Wildflowers with Our Range of High-Germinating Seeds

Create a beautiful wildflower meadow

Pure Wildflower Seeds UK

Create a unique UK Native Wildflower Meadow

Birdsfoot Trefoil Wildflower

Choose from our exotic selection of Wildflower Seeds

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Grow me a spectacular Garden today Plants for Pollinators

What We Do

As the growing season ends, many gardeners and farmers are looking for a way to preserve their hard work over the winter.

The best selection of UK native wildflower seeds you can buy

Our Wildflower seed mixtures will provide a natural source for foraging bees, butterflies and other native birds


We offer over 300 varieties of wildflowers, some of which are not available anywhere else in the UK

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Seeding the future of Wildflowers

High Quality Wildflowers

Best Wild Flower Seeds UK

Help & Advice for Each Soil Types

Explore wildflower gardening with DamavandPro and Landlife Wildflowers for Quality Flower Seeds and expert advice. Whether you’re new to gardening or eager to discover diverse wildflower species, our resources are tailored to enhance your experience. Discover how to sow wildflower seeds with tips on spot selection, soil preparation, and seedling care. Uncover native wildflowers for your region, suited for specific purposes like attracting pollinators or creating a meadow garden. Simplify your wildflower journey with our seed mixtures, designed for thriving local species. Maintain your garden with expert advice on watering, fertilizing, and deadheading. Let DamavandPro and Landlife Wildflowers guide you to create a beautiful, biodiverse garden with Quality Flower Seeds that bring joy to your outdoor space.

If you’re interested in successfully establishing a wildflower meadow or garden, here are some tips to help you get started:

Create a thriving wildflower garden by choosing a sunny, well-drained location, clearing existing vegetation, and preparing nutrient-low soil. Scatter seeds evenly, press them lightly into the soil, and maintain moisture until germination. Water appropriately, thin seedlings if needed, and care for established plants with regular watering, deadheading, and end-of-season trimming for a biodiverse garden that attracts pollinators and supports wildlife.

To sustain a thriving wildflower meadow or garden & support a beneficial wildlife habitat, follow these care tips:

Maintain a thriving wildflower meadow by watering deeply during dry spells, deadheading spent blooms for continuous flowering, and mowing or trimming at season’s end to prevent overgrowth. Keep weeds in check to avoid competition with wildflowers, and only consider minimal fertilization if plants show signs of struggle. Regular observation and adjustments will ensure your wildflower habitat remains both beautiful and beneficial for wildlife.

Calculate wildflower seed based on your planting area and desired flower types to determine the amount to purchase.

Calculate wildflower seed by measuring your area and multiplying length by width. Check the recommended seeding rate on the packet (usually given as a range). Multiply the seeding rate by the area size to determine the needed seed amount. For example, with a 10 per acre rate and a 1/4 acre area, you’d need 2.5. Purchase extra for potential waste and uneven distribution. Follow precise planting and care instructions for optimal results.

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