Chrysanthemum Coronarium Seeds: Crown Daisy Mixed


  • A symphony of vibrant blossoms: Immerse yourself in the captivating allure of our Chrysanthemum’s vibrant blossoms, a mesmerizing blend of yellow and creamy-white hues.
  • Versatile versatility for a garden oasis: Our Chrysanthemum’s beauty extends beyond its captivating blooms; it’s a floral masterpiece that defies conventional boundaries. Once recognized as a cut flower of exceptional quality, our Chrysanthemum has found its way into the hearts of gardeners worldwide, gracing borders, edgings, and containers with its charming presence.
  • Resilient resilience: A true garden champion: Contrary to popular misconceptions, our Chrysanthemum is not just a delicate flower; it’s a true garden warrior. Sow these seeds in March, and by June, you’ll witness a wealth of blooms that will endure for a remarkable five months, defying the harshest of weather conditions.
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Double-Flowered Mix

Chrysanthemum Coronarium Seeds: Welcome to a symphony of nature’s elegance – our Chrysanthemum (Annual) coronarium, a Double-flowered Mixed variety. Immerse yourself in the allure of vibrant blossoms, versatile use, and resilient growth that defines this splendid annual Chrysanthemum.

Key Features: Crown Daisy Mixed Seeds

Vibrant Blossoms

  • Overwhelming Radiance: Experience an extended period of enchantment as the Chrysanthemum graces your space with bright and cheerful blooms in a mesmerizing blend of yellow and creamy-white hues.

Versatile Use

  • Artistry Beyond Borders: Once recognized as an excellent cut flower, our Chrysanthemum finds its roots in large-scale cultivation in EU & UK. Explore its versatility, extending to Japan, where fresh petals are transformed into a fragrant pickle.

Resilient Growth

  • Beauty Beyond Barriers: Dispel horticultural misconceptions! These splendid plants, though easy to grow and commonly found in children’s mixtures, stand tall in both beauty and resilience. Sow in March, and by June, witness a wealth of blooms that endure for a remarkable five months.

Cultivation and Care: Double-Flowered Mix

  • Germination Magic: Kickstart the magic indoors by sowing 2mm deep into moist, well-drained seed compost. Keep a cozy temperature of 18-21°C, and behold germination in 10-18 days. Transplant seedlings to 8cm pots, acclimatize, and plant with 45cm spacing after frost danger has passed.
  • Thrives Anywhere: Whether directly sown into prepared soil in April or nurtured indoors, these Chrysanthemums prefer a sunny spot and are remarkably easy to grow. The delicate fragrance of the blooms fills the air, creating a sensory delight. Minimal attention is required for flourishing results.
  • Floral Resilience: A heavy downpour might make them droopy, but give it 48 hours, and they’ll bounce back with a vibrant display. Deadhead to extend the flowering window and keep your garden adorned throughout June, July, and August.


  • Genus: Chrysanthemum
  • Species: Annual
  • Variety: Double-flowered Mixed
  • Family Name: Compositae/Asteraceae
  • English Name(s): Garland Chrysanthemum, Crown Daisy
  • Hardiness: Hardy
  • Lifecycle: Annual
  • Suitable for: Summer Bedding, Cut Flowers
  • Colour: Mixed
  • Flowers: June, July, August
  • Lighting Conditions: Full Sun
  • Soil Type: Clay, Chalk, Sand, Loam
  • Soil Acidity: Alkaline, Neutral, Acid
  • Moisture: Well-drained

Unveil Nature’s Elegance in Your Garden

Elevate your garden with a touch of timeless elegance. Let the delicate fragrance of our Chrysanthemum create a sensory delight. Start your garden oasis today – purchase the Chrysanthemum (Annual) coronarium, Double-flowered Mixed variety, and cultivate a haven that reflects the beauty within.


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