Cornflower Blue Seeds, Centaurea Cyanus, Bachelor Buttons Blue Color


  • Blue Cornflower Seeds
  • Add a touch of magic to your garden
  • Beautiful blue flowers
  • Attract beneficial insects
  • Easy to grow and care for
  • For a continuous bloom, remove dead flowers regularly
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Introduce a Flourish of Vivid Blue to the Garden with Blue Cornflower Seeds!

Cornflower blue: Imagine your garden transformed into a sanctuary of captivating beauty as these annual wildflowers cast their enchanting spell. Their vibrant allure mesmerizes not just the eyes but the entire garden, beckoning a delightful flurry of bees, butterflies, and a symphony of pollinators. Together, they create a lively and dynamic ambiance that is as captivating as it is enchanting.

To witness this blooming marvel next year, sow our Blue Cornflower seeds in March, May, or September. Create shallow drills 25cm apart and delicately sprinkle the seeds within. Gently cover them with fine soil, and within a mere 2 to 4 weeks, watch as the first delicate seedlings emerge, eager to display their natural splendor.

cornflower blue

As the seedlings establish themselves, ensure they have ample room, with approximately 10cm between each plant. This not only fosters their optimal growth but also encourages a harmonious support system, allowing these elegant flowers to interweave and create a breathtaking tapestry of nature’s finest artwork.

To ensure an uninterrupted display of these captivating blue blossoms, promptly remove any faded blooms. This empowers the plants to devote their energy to producing a continuous cascade of vivid, awe-inspiring flowers, breathing life and a kaleidoscope of colors into every nook and cranny of your garden.

Don’t miss this chance to transform your garden into a sanctuary for these delightful Blue Cornflowers. Order your seeds now and be ready to witness the wondrous beauty of nature right in your own backyard!


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