Sheeps Parsley Seed for Sustainable Agricultural Practices (1kg)


  • Used a more specific term than “perennial” by including the scientific name
  • Clarified that the issue is when newly sown, not in general
  • Used more positive language to describe palatability
  • Replace “typically sown in a mixture” with a reason for sowing in a mixture
  • Expanded on the flowering period to mention benefits for pollinators
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Sheep’s Parsley Seed, 1kg for Agricultural Use

Sheep’s parsley seed is a premium-grade, specially packaged seed that comes as a dense 1kg pack, offering high germination potential throughout the seasons. It is a perennial, meaning its presence is long-lasting, potentially germinating year-after-year under suitable conditions.

Sheep’s Parsley Seed Benefits

  • Good forage under medium pressure
  • High palatability
  • Drought tolerant
  • Soil enrichment
  • Biodiversity benefit

Recommended Growing Conditions

  • Well-drained, fertile soil
  • Full sun or light shade
  • Regular irrigation during growth durations


  • Avoid over-fertilization
  • May occasionally require annual re-seeding

Seed Viability

  • High germination potential
  • Shelf-life averages around two years if stored correctly

Conclusion of 1kg Sheeps Parsley Seed

1kg Sheeps Parsley Seed is a valuable addition to any farm’s fodder crop arsenal. It offers a balance of agronomic benefits, including nutrition upgrade for livestock, improved soil fertility, biodiversity support, and high resilience to medium grazing pressure and different weather conditions. Its palatability to livestock further encourages grazing operations, and its perennity and low-maintenance requirements make it an economical choice. Order Your Sheeps Parsley Seed Today!


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