Cosmos Bipinnatus Radiance Seeds | Cosmos Bipinnatus Sensation

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  • Bushy annual with large rose-pink flowers (12 cm), adorned with red-purple halo.
  • Blooms for months from early summer to fall, borne atop tall stems.
  • Low-maintenance and fairly pest-free.
  • Grows up to 120-150 cm tall and 60 cm wide.
  • Prefers full sun and well-drained soils.
  • Ideal for beds, borders, containers, and cutting gardens.

Sensation Series, Mexican Aster “Sensation Radiance,” Cosmea “Sensation Radiance,” & Cosmos “Sensation Radiance,”

Cosmos Bipinnatus Radiance Seeds – These gorgeous blooms that sway in the breeze ought to be in every summer garden! These annuals are big branching plants with deep green leaves that resemble ferns, and they grow quickly from Cosmos seeds.

A more recent hybrid, Cosmos Bipinnatus Radiance, with pink veins and a deeper rose pink flare at the base of each petal. It’s a stunning outcome! You may easily cultivate it from flower seeds, and soon you’ll have a lovely display! Native to Mexico and our own southwest, cosmos blossoms are found there more frequently.

The flowers are frequently known as Mexican Aster. Although they grow in hot, desert-like environments, they are adaptable to a wide range of circumstances. With modest amounts of water, they will produce the best blooms.

Avoid overfertilizing the plants because this will reduce the number of flowers. They will plant their own seeds to create a fresh display the next season.

After the risk of frost has gone, immediately plant Cosmos Bipinnatus seeds in the beds that have been prepared. The flower seeds can be dispersed across the ready-made soil for a more natural appearance. Maintain moisture in the area and lightly scrape the soil over the seeds to a depth of 2-mm

  • SOWING: From March to June
  • Season: yearly
  • 110 cm is the height
  • Bloom Time: June through September
  • Ambiance: full sun
  • Types of Soil: Chalk, Sand, Loam
  • Germination Duration: 14–21 days
  • Climate: 20–28 C
  • Water: Moist Press into the 2-mm
  • Plant. 60-cm intervals
  • Excellent for: Cut flowers, cottage gardens, beds and borders

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