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Cosmos Bipinnatus Sensation Gloria Seeds: Pink Cosmos Seeds

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  • Easy-to-grow annual flower
  • Large, rosy-pink flowers with red and yellow eye
  • Drought-tolerant and low-maintenance
  • Makes great cut flowers
  • A favorite of butterflies and bees
  • Cosmos varieties UK

Cosmos Bipinnatus Sensation Gloria seeds One of the simplest flower seeds to cultivate and care for is the cosmos (Cosmos bipinnatus Sensation Gloria). These lovely annuals flourish in neglect, making them ideal for weekend gardeners. Sensation Gloria features rosy-pink blooms with a red and yellow eye that are huge and measure 4 inches. When mass-planted, they are breathtakingly gorgeous.

They only require a small amount of water and a sunny environment to thrive. Fertilizer should not even be used because it sometimes results in exceptionally tall, lanky plants with few blooms.

Pink Cosmos Seeds

Native to Europe and the UK, cosmos wildflowers These annuals, which are also known as Mexican Asters, flourish in hot, desert-like climates but also readily adapt to various environmental factors. They are renowned for being an excellent cut flower with a 7–10 day vase life. Pick stems with newly opened flowers when cutting the blossoms in the early morning hours. Enjoy a lovely bouquet by taking off the leaves that are below the water level!

cosmos varieties in the UK

After the risk of frost has passed, plant the seeds of the Cosmos Mexican Aster directly into the prepared soil. If you want a more natural display, scatter the flower seeds and lightly rake the soil over the cosmo seeds at a depth of 2 cm. Keep the soil moist until the seeds germinate. They function well in a congested environment.

Order your Cosmos Bipinnatus Sensation Gloria seeds today and start enjoying their beautiful, rosy-pink flowers all summer long!


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1 review for Cosmos Bipinnatus Sensation Gloria Seeds: Pink Cosmos Seeds

  1. Cosmos

    I recently purchased the Cosmos Bipinnatus Sensation Gloria seeds and I’m absolutely thrilled with the results. The pink cosmos flowers are a stunning addition to my garden, providing a vibrant splash of color that truly livens up the space. The seeds were easy to sow and germinated quickly, leading to healthy, robust plants. I highly recommend these seeds to anyone looking to add a touch of beauty to their garden.

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