1kg Mustard Seed, Wild Flowers Seeds


  • Green manures: Fast-growing plants sown to cover bare soil.
  • Highly popular annual green manure.
  • Suitable for sowing in both Spring and Autumn.
  • Provides fast cover for your soil by September.
  • Sow from April to August for optimal results.
  • Ideal for various soil types, including mixed soils.
  • Enhance soil health and fertility effortlessly.
  • Suppress weeds and prevent soil erosion.
  • Promote nutrient-rich soil for vibrant plant growth.
  • Easy to sow and maintain for all gardeners.
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Mustard Seed: Boost Garden’s Health

Enhance Soil Fertility and Weed Control

Revitalize your garden with Mustard Seed Green Manure, a premium solution for covering barren soil, suppressing weeds, and preventing soil erosion. By choosing our Mustard Seeds Green Manure, you’ll experience a myriad of benefits that will give your garden a healthy boost.

Key Benefits: Mustard Seed

  • Improved Soil Structure:
    • Enriches soil by restoring essential nutrients when dug in green.
    • Enhances soil structure, creating a favorable environment for plant growth.
  • Effective Weed Suppression:
    • Acts as a natural weed suppressant, reducing the need for constant weeding.
    • Its lush foliage suffocates unwanted plants, giving your garden a cleaner appearance.
  • Nutrient-Rich Formula:
    • Contains nitrogen, a vital nutrient for plant development.
    • Provides your garden with the nourishment it needs to thrive, ensuring healthy and vibrant plants.

Easy and Cost-Efficient Green Manure for Every Gardener

Looking for a hassle-free and cost-effective solution to improve your garden? Our Mustard Seeds Green Manure is the perfect choice for every gardener.

  • Simple to Establish:
    • Easy to sow and maintain, suitable for both seasoned gardeners and beginners.
    • No complicated instructions or extensive gardening knowledge required.
  • Effortless Weed Control:
    • Naturally keeps weeds at bay, allowing you to enjoy a cleaner garden without constant hassle.
    • Spend more time admiring your plants and less time battling weeds.
  • Cost-Efficient Option:
    • Offers a budget-friendly solution to improve your garden’s health.
    • Low fertilization demand and minimal maintenance save you time and money.

Versatile Mustard Seeds Green Manure for Year-Round Planting

Take control of your garden’s productivity with our versatile Mustard Seeds Green Manure, suitable for both spring and autumn cultivation.

  • Flexible Planting Schedule:
    • Can be sown in both spring and autumn, offering flexibility to match your gardening preferences.
    • Delivers exceptional results whether you prefer early or late-season planting.
  • Quick Cover and Rapid Growth:
    • Plant from April to August for lush soil cover by September.
    • Enjoy watching your garden transform as our green manure rapidly grows, providing quick and effective coverage.
  • Pest-Resistant and Winter Hardy:
    • The ZLATA cultivar exhibits excellent resistance to pests and is more winter hardy than other yellow mustard types.
    • Ensures your garden remains protected throughout the seasons.

Enhance your garden’s health effortlessly with Mustard Seed Green Manure. Shop our selection today and experience the magic of vibrant, nutrient-rich gardening.


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