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  • Experience the beauty and benefits of organic PHACELIA Tanacetifolia with a 500g packet that can cover up to 160 square meters.
  • This hardy annual produces dense, curved spikes of soft lavender flowers from July to September, perfect for cutting and attracting butterflies to your garden.
  • Sow the seed thinly and directly into weed-free soil, 6mm deep, for germination in 10-15 days.
  • Achieve a final spacing of 23-30cm by thinning out seedlings in stages.
  • Phacelia can also be used as ‘Green Manure’ by digging it into the ground, and it grows well on all soil types.
  • For early flowering the following year, sow the seed directly in September/October where the plants are to flower.
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PHACELIA TANACETIFOLIA Seeds: Ultimate Garden Ally

Experience the multifaceted benefits of PHACELIA TANACETIFOLIA seeds, also known as Purple Tansy. This unique and versatile plant is more than just a beautiful addition to your garden. It’s a powerhouse that supports local ecosystems, enhances soil quality, and creates a lively, bee-friendly garden.

Cultivate a Bee Haven with Purple Tansy Seeds

Planting PHACELIA TANACETIFOLIA seeds is a fantastic way to contribute to local ecosystems and combat the decline of bee populations. Bees are crucial pollinators, and their decline could lead to significant losses in our food supply. By sowing Purple Tansy, you’re not only creating a vibrant garden but also providing bees with a rich source of nectar and pollen.

Boost Soil’s Health with PHACELIA TANACETIFOLIA Green Manure

PHACELIA TANACETIFOLIA seeds are a boon for soil health. When used as green manure, they can improve soil structure, promote nitrogen fixation, and suppress weeds. The plant’s robust root system breaks up compacted soil, allowing water and nutrients to penetrate more effectively. As a cover crop, it enhances soil moisture and boosts beneficial microorganisms, leading to healthier, more productive crops.

Explore the Many Uses of PHACELIA TANACETIFOLIA Seeds

PHACELIA TANACETIFOLIA seeds offer more than just gardening benefits. They can be used to create wildflower meadows, providing habitats for various pollinators and wildlife. Moreover, the anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties of Purple Tansy make it a valuable ingredient in DIY beauty and skincare products.

Whether you’re a gardener, farmer, or beauty enthusiast, PHACELIA TANACETIFOLIA seeds are a versatile choice that can enrich your environment and support local ecosystems. Shop now for Purple Tansy and Phacelia Tanacetifolia wildflower seeds, and experience the benefits of Phacelia green manure for a thriving garden.

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    I am absolutely thrilled with these PHACELIA TANACETIFOLIA seeds! Not only are they easy to plant, but they have quickly grown into beautiful, vibrant flowers that the bees in my garden absolutely love. I highly recommend this product to anyone looking to create a bee-friendly environment in their outdoor space.

  2. Phacelia vibrant

    Phacelia Tanacetifolia Seeds, aka Purple Tansy, transformed my garden into a vibrant tapestry of purple blooms, beckoning a chorus of pollinators and nurturing the soil.

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