Red Cosmos Flower Seeds – Cosmos Bipinnatus Seeds – Dazzler

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  • Cosmos Dazzler is a beautiful annual flower with striking carmine blossoms.
  • It blooms all summer long, from early spring to the first frost.
  • It is drought-tolerant and requires very little upkeep, making it ideal for busy or weekend gardeners.
  • It is also known as Mexican Asters because it originates from Mexico.
  • Cosmos make great cut flowers, and they can last in a vase for 7 to 10 days.
  • They are also a favorite of butterflies and bees.

Red Cosmos Flower Seeds – Cosmos (Cosmos Bipinnatus Sensation Dazzler) – With its striking carmine blossoms, Cosmos Dazzler is an outstanding addition to any flower garden! Early in the spring, it can be established from flower seeds & it will bloom all summer long, up until the first hard frost.

Cosmos Bipinnatus Seeds

It is a lovely perennial with numerous flowers and leaves that resemble feathers. They are ideal for the busy or weekend gardener because they are drought-tolerant and require very little upkeep. They are also known as Mexican Asters because they originate from Mexico.

Cut flowers from Mexican Aster, or Cosmos, are superb. If you cut the flowers just as the petals are starting to open, they will close up in the vase. The flowers can easily stay in a vase for 7 to 10 days. Since the bloom season is so long, many flowers can be cut and enjoyed indoors, and many will still be in the garden to attract butterflies and bees.

Cosmos Bipinnatus Sensation Dazzler

After the risk of frost has gone, immediately plant Cosmos Bipinnatus seeds in the beds that have been prepared. You can spread the seeds on the prepared soil and lightly rake them under at a depth of 2 to 8 cm. Up until germination, keep the flower seeds wet. After sowing, cosmos flowers bloom after around 10 weeks.


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