Seed Wedding Favours 500 filler Christening Baby party gift bag


  • 500 Wildflower Seeds Wedding Favours: Delight your guests with a gift that symbolizes love, growth, and natural beauty.
  • Perfect for Any Occasion: Whether it’s a wedding, communion, christening, or baby shower, these wildflower seed favours are a meaningful and versatile choice.
  • Ideal for Party Bags and Gifts: Add a touch of nature to your party bags or give them as thoughtful gifts to guests of all ages.
  • Abundance of Flower Seeds: Each bag contains over 21 different flower seeds, totaling around 500 seeds (5g) for a plentiful and diverse display of blossoms.
  • Easy Planting: Each pack comes with an attached sowing label, making it hassle-free for your guests to sow and grow their own beautiful flowers.
  • Create Lasting Memories: As the flowers bloom, they will serve as a cherished reminder of the special occasion and the love shared on that day.
  • Shop with Confidence

    We are a licensed wildflower seed producer based in the UK. Our company licence number 07922 is issued by the Animal and Plant Health Agency, which regulates seed quality standards.

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Memorable Seed Wedding Favours: Celebrate Love and Nature

Seed Wedding Favours: Spreading Love and Beauty

Make your special day even more memorable with our Seed Wedding Favours. These unique gifts not only express your love but also promote sustainability and the beauty of nature.

Seed Wedding Favours Charity: Celebrate Love, Give Back

Choosing our Seed Wedding Favours Charity edition allows you to celebrate love while supporting a charitable cause. Each purchase contributes to meaningful initiatives, making your wedding day even more impactful.

Seed Wedding Favours Germany: Love Blossoms in Every Seed

Celebrate love and unity with our Seed Wedding Favours Germany edition. Packed with over 21 different flower seeds, these favours symbolize the beautiful journey of your partnership.

Seed Wedding Favours UK: Love in Bloom

Let love bloom with our Seed Wedding Favours UK edition. These delightful gifts carry the promise of blossoming flowers, representing the growth and love shared between you and your partner.

Seed Wedding Favor Tags: Personalize Your Love Story

Add a personal touch to your Seed Wedding Favours with our customizable seed favor tags. Write heartfelt messages or names, creating a lasting memory for your guests to cherish.

Seed Wedding Gifts for Guests: Sow the Seeds of Love

Impress your guests with our Seed Wedding Gifts. Each bag contains over 21 different flower seeds, providing a memorable token of gratitude that symbolizes the growth and beauty of love.

Wildflower Seed Wedding Favours: A Gift of Nature’s Beauty

Embrace the enchantment of nature with our Wildflower Seed Wedding Favours. Each bag contains over 500 seeds, representing the vibrant colors and fragrances that will bloom and grow, just like your love.

Celebrate Life’s Milestones: Communion, Christening, Baby Show

Our Wildflower Seeds Wedding Favours are not limited to weddings. They also make perfect gifts for celebrating other joyous occasions such as communions, christenings, and baby showers. Spread love and nature’s beauty with these meaningful gifts.

Sow Love, Spread Joy: Perfect for Party Bags, Gifts, and All Ages

Our Wildflower Seeds Wedding Favours are versatile and suitable for all ages. Whether you’re preparing party bags or looking for a meaningful gift, these packs of flower seeds will bring joy and create lasting memories for both kids and adults.

Sowing Made Easy: Labels Attached for Hassle-Free Planting

Each pack of our Wildflower Seeds Wedding Favours comes with a convenient sowing label attached. Planting these seeds will be a breeze, allowing your guests to effortlessly nurture their own blossoming flowers as a reminder of your special day.

Embrace Love and Nature: Order Your Seed Wedding Favours Today!

Make your wedding or special event truly unforgettable with our Seed Wedding Favours. Spread love, joy, and the beauty of nature to your guests. Order now and sow the seeds of cherished memories that will bloom for years to come!


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