Wild Flower Seed Attracts Bees Meadow Pure Wild flowers Summer Mix 100g

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Flowers that Attract Bees and Butterflies

Wild Flower Seed Attracts Bees

  • In 4 to 8 weeks, you will start to see the fruits of your labour
  • A simply brilliant mixed selection of wildflower seeds that can be scattered in your garden and produce some truly wonderful visuals It is extremely easy to grow mixes of annuals and perennials in glorious color and variety to enhance your garden with a meadow-esque look and attract bees and insects.
  • Contains many annual and perennial varieties So flowers this year and every year after
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Wild Flower Seed Attracts Bees Meadow Pure Wild flowers Summer Mix 100g

Seeds for bees and butterflies: flowers that attract bees

Our seeds for bees and butterflies are specially chosen to provide a variety of nectar-rich flowers that will attract and support pollinators in your garden.

These flowers that attract bees in the UK are easy to grow and will provide a colorful array of blooms throughout the growing season, ensuring that there is always something for bees and butterflies to enjoy. With our carefully selected seeds, you can create a vibrant and buzzing haven for these important creatures in your own backyard.

Flowers that attract bees and butterflies uk annual

100 g UK Wild Flower Seed Plants Attracts Bees & Butterfly No Grass Pure Wildflower Seeds Genuine UK Seed Mix Annual Meadow This Meadow Flower Mixture includes annuals & perennials.

Wildflower Native Wild Flower Seed Attracts Bees seeds for bees uk

More Than 20 Seeds Flowers

Small Meadow Seeding

Seeding can commence when the planting area has been appropriately prepared. Because most wildflowers are designed by nature to require the freeze/thaw activity of winter to soften their seed shells, which helps germination in the spring, the best time to sow your meadow is in late autumn, after the ground has been hard frost but before it freezes. Depending on where you live, this is usually from mid-October until late November.

Spring sowings, on the other hand, are equally successful, but keep in mind that spring sowings require constant watering for the first few months after seeding, whereas fall sowings do not.

Planting should be avoided while the soil is damp, especially in thick clay soils. Wait till the earth is completely dry before planting.

Broadcast seeding a wildflower meadow is similar to seeding a lawn; only the seed is dispersed with a greater volume of a lightweight, inert substance such as sawdust, peat moss, clean sand (playground or builders sand), or vermiculite instead of using a seeder.

It makes no difference whatever carrier you choose; whichever is most convenient for you.

Soil type for Seeds and flowers

Wildflowers make a colorful addition to any garden & once sown, are extremely easy to maintain.

Knowing when to sow wildflower seeds, however, can be a little confusing. To help out, we’ve created a little summary of the best time to get sowing.

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  1. Wild Flower Seed

    My summer bloomed with this wildflower seed mix! A gorgeous display of color and a haven for busy bees.

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