Premium Wildflower Seeds Bee Heaven Seed Mix


Bee Border Seed Mix

  • Help Save the Bees with Premium wildflower seed mix containing a diverse blend of annual and perennial wildflowers.
  • Seeds included: Poppy Seeds, Linum, California Poppy Mix, Four O’ Clock, Cornflowers Mix, Corncockle, Marigold Seeds, Sweet Pea, Baby’s-breath, Malva, Forget Me Not Chinese, Evening-primroses, Cosmos, Safflower, Clover, and many more.
  • Charming wildflower seed mix covers 10 sqm with bee-friendly blooms.
  • Flowers bloom summer through fall, June to October, reaching approx. 60cm tall.
  • Allow flowers to go to seed for the benefit of pollinators.
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Bee Heaven Seed Mix

Transform your garden into a buzzing paradise with our Premium Meadow In My Garden Bee Heaven Seed Mix. Carefully curated to attract and support bees, this blend is crafted with love and expertise to ensure your garden thrives.

Bee Border Seed Mix:

Create a bee-friendly haven in your garden with our Bee Border Seed Mix. Designed to provide a diverse and nutrient-rich environment for bees, this mix is the perfect choice for enhancing your garden’s beauty while supporting pollinators.

Wildflower Border Garden

Enhance the beauty of your garden with our Wildflower Border Garden Seed Mix. Packed with premium annual and perennial wildflowers, this blend is perfect for creating vibrant borders that attract bees and other pollinators.

The Best Bee Border Seed Mix

Our Wildflower Seed Mix is carefully curated to be non-GMO and pesticide-free, ensuring the health and safety of your garden and the environment. With no grass or filler, every seed in this mix is chosen for its beauty and benefit to pollinators.

Nature’s Haven Bee Mix Seeds

Order now and experience the joy of a thriving garden filled with colorful blooms and buzzing bees. Make every day a celebration of nature’s beauty with our Premium Meadow In My Garden Bee Heaven Seed Mix and Bee Border Seed Mix.

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