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  • Lupines are native to Europe, and they are a member of the pea family.
  • Lupines grow in a variety of soil types, but they prefer well-drained soil.
  • Lupines need full sun to partial shade.
  • Lupines are drought-tolerant once they are established.
  • Lupines are deer-resistant.
  • Lupines attract bees, butterflies, and other pollinators.

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Lupine Seed Mix

Discover the perfect mix for lupine lovers! Enjoy 5 different lupine species in yellow, blue & a vibrant rainbow of colors. This product offers multiple advantages, including being bee-friendly, attracting butterflies, hummingbirds & other birds.

It is also deer-resistant & native, making it an excellent choice for mass plantings. Easy to grow & low maintenance, these lupines are great for cut flowers & act as a soil enhancer. They thrive best in full sun conditions, adding a burst of color to your garden oasis.

Blue Lupine

Life Cycle : Annual

Color : Blue

Height : 90 CM

Bloom Season : Spring, Summer

lupine-white-Lupinus polyphyllus

White Lupine

Life Cycle : Annual

Color : White

Height : 90 – 110 CM

Bloom Season : Spring, Summer

Yellow Lupine

Life Cycle : Annual

Color : Yellow

Height : 90 CM

Bloom Season : Spring, Summer

annual lupine seeds amazon

Embark on a fascinating journey with lupines like never before – our captivating blend of Vibrant Yellow, Crisp White, and Tranquil Blue explodes in a stunning symphony of color, creating a perpetually enchanting oasis in your garden. Look forward to the swift emergence of three diverse yearly species enhancing your outdoors with feelings of vitality, purity, and peace.

Lupine birdseed mix

Your colorful narrative commences immediately with your first spring – the striking palettes of Vibrant Yellow and Tranquil Blue Lupines set the stage, creating a breathtaking visual spectacle, effortlessly turning humble spaces into spellbinding landscapes. Quietly maturing in the background, perennial lupines of your package dedicatedly grow, strength stored beneath the surface.

Lupine cover crop mix

Wait as lupine legends ‘Glacier White’ and ‘Masterpiece Blue’ unfold their charm with solid, magnificent colors from your second year and beyond. These enduring perennials promise stellar performances year after year, their continually expanding clusters fueling the garden drama. Dive into the lupine world For green-thumbs yearning to delve deeper into their life cycle, height, or other details, we’ve got you covered.

Lupine Seed Mix: The Perfect Nitrogen Fixer, Cover Crop, Forage, Wildflower, Birdseed & Flower

Our Lupine Seed Mix is a great choice for gardeners, farmers, and landowners who are looking for a versatile and beneficial plant. Lupines are nitrogen fixers, which means they can help to improve the soil quality of your land. They are also cover crops, which means they can help to suppress weeds and prevent erosion. Lupines are a good source of forage for livestock, and they can also be used as birdseed. And of course, lupines are beautiful wildflowers that will add color and interest to your garden.

Our Lupine Seed Mix is easy to sow and care for. Simply sow the seeds in the spring or fall, and water them regularly. Lupines will bloom in the summer, and they will continue to bloom for several weeks. After the flowers have died, you can harvest the seeds for replanting or for use as birdseed.

Our Lupine Seed Mix is a great way to add beauty, nitrogen, and forage to your land. Order yours today!


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